TPS227: Over And Out
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The gang at The Produce Stand are joined by their buddy Tres to discuss the series finale of Letterkenny: Over And Out.

Episode Limerick

It's the final episode of the show,

It had to end sometime we know,

But after 7-plus years,

We're holding back tears

Because none of us want it to go.

We smile, thus let us not cry

Don’t dwell on the how’s and the why’s

We shall all give our best

To Jared and the rest

And say thank you instead of goodbyes


Tanya: Jared Keeso

Mat: Billy Buttery

Victor: Darren & Connor

Al: Stewart

Tres: Letterkenny

Final Rating

Tanya: Fresh

Mat: Fresh

Victor: Fresh

Al: Fresh

Tres: Fresh

Scientific Twitter Poll

Fresh: 79.6%

Clearance: 20.4%

Compost: -

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