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The most prolific Letterkenny and Shoresy podcast in the YEWniverse! Episode recaps and reviews, cast interviews, and so much more. If you're a fan of either show and need more content, this podcast is for you!
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TPS181: Behind The Produce Stand With Tanya
JUNE 01, 2023
Tonight the tables are turned on The Produce Stand as Kacey puts Tanya in the hot seat with a one-on-one interview.
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TPS180: May 2-4
MAY 26, 2023
The gang at The Produce Stand discuss Letterkenny's May 2-4 holiday special.Episode LimerickIn Canada, May 2-4 has made its way byAnd there's kiwis and aussies and yanks oh myWe'll...
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TPS178: #SudburyMagic Part 2
MAY 19, 2023
The Blueberry Crew joins us to talk about the second half of our magical weekend in Sudbury.
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