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The most prolific Letterkenny and Shoresy podcast in the YEWniverse! Episode recaps and reviews, cast interviews, and so much more. If you're a fan of either show and need more content, this podcast is for you!
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TPS202: An Interview With Terry Ryan II
SEPTEMBER 28, 2023
While Al was on the East Coast recording stories for his other podcast 'Yes, We Are Open' he got together with Terry Ryan in person for breakfast and an interview.
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TPS 201: TPS Takeover VIII
SEPTEMBER 21, 2023
While Al is on the east coast recording stories for his other podcast "Yes, We Are Open" the Takeover Team jumps into action to provide a little fantasy football, share their ideas for far out YEWniversal storylines, and provide updates on all the news happening in the YEWniverse right now.
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TPS199: The Best of Roald
SEPTEMBER 09, 2023
We're joined by our buddy Jeff who kicks out the best of Roald on Letterkenny.
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