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The most prolific Shoresy and Letterkenny podcast in the YEWniverse! Episode recaps and reviews, cast interviews, and so much more. If you're a fan of either show and need more content, this podcast is for you!
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TPS245: TPS Potpourri
JUNE 14, 2024
We don’t have any one big thing to talk about, but we do have a BUNCH of little things to talk about, so we’re going to talk about them. We’re just going to sit here and talk about them. We’ll answer some questions and we have some guests lined up, so stick around it might be interesting!
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TPS244: Takeover IX
JUNE 08, 2024
Al is away at podcast conferences all week so the takeover team assembled.
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TPS243: The Best of Glen
MAY 31, 2024
The gang at The Produce Stand are joined by their buddy Jeff who kicks out his favourite Glen scenes in Letterkenny.
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