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The most prolific Shoresy and Letterkenny podcast in the YEWniverse! Episode recaps and reviews, cast interviews, and so much more. If you're a fan of either show and need more content, this podcast is for you!
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TPS241: Between The Sheets...Spreadsheets...That Is
MAY 16, 2024
The gang at the Produce Stand are joined by their buddy Jez from Perth, Australia who has analysed the first 240 episodes of the podcast and quizzes them on their own podcast.LimerickJez listened to all of the tracks,And gathered statisti...
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TPS240: YEWniversal Draft II
MAY 10, 2024
In preparation for Shoresy 3, the gang at The Produce Stand hold a YEWniversal draft to build their perfect team to compete in the NOSHO.
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TPS 239: Chad's Best of Shoresy Season 2
MAY 03, 2024
The gang are joined by Chad who kicks out his favourite Shoresy Season 2 scenes.
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