TPS222: I'm A Degen
Episode Details

The gang at The Produce Stand are joined by their buddy Jez to discuss episode 3 of season 12 of Letterkenny: I'm A Degen.

Episode Limerick

Things are tense as the episode begins,

Now that Dary and the Degens are friends,

A new friend and Katy have fun,

But could Wayne and Rosie be done,

On to Snooters with the skids in the end.


Al: Dary

Tanya: Margarittas

Mat: Roald

Victor: End Credits

Jez: Skids

Final Rating

Al: Clearance

Tanya: Clearance

Mat: Fresh

Victor: Compost

Jez: Fresh

Scientific Twitter Poll

Fresh: 64.6%

Clearance: 31.3%

Compost: 4.2%

Episode cover art for TPS222: I'm A Degen