TPS211: Players Only
Episode Details

The gang at The Produce Stand are joined by their buddy Kacey to discuss episode 4 of season 2 of Shoresy: Players Only.

Episode Limerick

Shoresy's got problems galore,

See the Jims need player number four,

And Frankie's in trouble,

When the ladies pop his bubble,

Now Shoresy's at Laura Mohr's Door.

But wait...hang on...there's more,

Since we're talking bout knocking on doors,

A sluts come round,

For Nat to take down,

S'yeahso that's what we got in store.

Game Stick

Victor: Quiz Master

Al: Nat

Tanya: Laura Mohr

Mat: Goody

Kacey: Shoresy

Final Rating

Victor: Fresh

Al: Fresh

Tanya: Fresh

Mat: Clearance

Kacey: Fresh

Scientific Twitter Poll

Fresh: 83.9%

Clearance: 15.1%

Compost: 1.1%

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