TPS210: Set The Tone
Episode Details

The gang at The Produce Stand are joined by the Blueberry Crew to discuss episode 3 of season 2 of Shoresy: Set The Tone.

Episode Limerick

In a season where losing ain’t allowed,

The Bulldogs are doing Sudbury proud,

But with the Hunt comin’ at the throne,

It’s time to set the fucking tone,

With familiar faces in the crowd.

Game Stick

Al: Jory

Tanya: Sanguinet

Mat: Music

Joshua: Sanguinet

Adrian: Art Department

Kacey: Shoresy's Scarf

Joey: Ziig

Michèle: Nat

Erin: Sanguinet

Robby: Sanguinet

Awesome: Nat

Final Rating

Al: Fresh

Tanya: Fresh

Mat: Fresh

Joshua: Fresh

Adrian: Fresh

Kacey: Fresh

Joey: Fresh

Michèle: Fresh

Erin: Fresh

Robby: Fresh

Awesome: Fresh

Scientific Twitter Poll

Fresh: 90.1%

Clearance: 7.9%

Compost: 2%

Episode cover art for TPS210: Set The Tone