TPS208: Skill vs Will
Episode Details

The gang at The Produce Stand are joined by their buddy Jay to discuss episode 2 of season 2 of Shoresy: Skill vs Will.

Episode Limerick

S’yeahso…Shoresy’s plate seems to have quite a lot,

With Laura Mohr he’s still shooting his shot,

Can he keep them undefeated,

When the sluts are depleted,

From hammering ass with everything that they got?

Game Stick

Tanya: Laura Mohr

Mat: JJ Frankie JJ

Al: Laura Mohr

Tres: Laura Mohr

Jay: JJ Frankie JJ

Victor: Michaels

Final Rating

Tanya: Fresh

Mat: Fresh

Al: Fresh

Tres: Fresh

Jay: Fresh

Victor: Fresh

Scientific Twitter Poll

Fresh: 85.1%

Clearance: 14.9%

Compost: -

Episode cover art for TPS208: Skill vs Will