TPS207: Get'em Focused (Shoresy)
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The gang at The Produce Stand are joined by their buddy Gabe to discuss episode 1 of season 2 of Shoresy: Get'em Focused.

Opening Poem (By Tate & Webb)

Ok, S’yeahso. OK. Here’s the story.

The last time that we all saw Shoresy,

The boys came up just short of glory,

In the last game with the Soo.

Nat had told them, they had to win,

Time to fold the team and pack it in,

And never drop the puck again,

For the Bulldogs dressed in blue.

But as Nat and Shoresy talked that night,

Something wasn’t sitting right,

To fold this team so full of fight,

Who couldn’t stand to lose.

The last four games were something strange,

Parts were added, rearranged,

The Bulldogs they were being changed,

Into something new.

Shoresy’s plan was simple enough,

Veteran presence bringing it rough,

Line full of natives, redundantly tough,

So now everybody knew.

Now they’re different than the team they had been,

They’re running’em up and filling’em in,

And never. Ever. Losing again,

That’s what they have to do.

Back to the start, where it went off the track,

They poked the bear and the bear poked back,

But the Blueberry Bulldogs are on the attack,

For Shoresy season two.

Game Stick

Mat: Corey & Liam

Al: Ziigwan

Victor: Keller’s ‘C’

Tanya: Nat

Gabe: Michaels

Final Rating

Mat: Fresh

Al: Clearance

Victor: Fresh

Tanya: Fresh

Gabe: Clearance

Scientific Twitter Poll

Fresh: 79.4%

Clearance: 16.2%

Compost: 4.4%

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